On this page resources will be made available for you to download closer to the date and use within your community or organisation. If you need an alternative version of the logo, please get in touch via

We’d also love to see and share pics of your events as they happen so make sure you tag @SuicidePreventionAustralia on Facebook, use the hashtags #WSPD #RUOK on all social media or send us an email with a few snaps attached. We really appreciate your contribution to World Suicide Prevention Day and RUOK? Day.

Event Host Guide

Our friends at the Queensland Mental Health Commission have kindly shared an Event Host Guide to help you plan and organise a safe and successful WSPD event. Developed in partnership with the Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention and Roses in the Ocean, the Event Host Guide is a free resource to help anyone hold a WSPD event.

WSPD logo

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WSPD banner

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Posters and factsheets

Suicide Prevention Australia has a poster series you are welcome to download and use at your event:

As part of the Communities Matter website we are also proud to provide you with a wider range of posters and factsheets for free download. Have a look at the download list here.