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2017 Media Release 

Survey findings released on World Suicide Prevention Day indicate that Australians have mixed attitudes and behaviours towards people who die by suicide and an inaccurate understanding about suicide and its prevention.View the media release.

Suicide Prevention Australia CEO Sue Murray said of the findings: “Evidence tells us that stigmatising attitudes result in people being less likely to get help or give help. If we don’t speak up about persistent stigma, we are at risk of perpetuating a society where we remain reluctant to reach out for help for ourselves or others.”

This year’s WSPD theme ‘Take a minute, change a life’ highlights the importance of speaking up, taking the time, and listening.

“It is reassuring to learn through this survey that more than 70% of Australians think that people who are suicidal should tell others about it. It shows we are willing to help others. We are willing to listen.”

“I am also encouraged by the finding that increased knowledge about suicidal behaviours and how to manage them seems to correlate with a lower level of stigma. This tells me that as well as reflecting on our personal attitudes and behaviours, we must continue efforts to improve every Australian’s understanding of suicide and its prevention.”

2016 Media Release

Read the Media Release.

Watch a webinar briefing on the Report.

Post 2016 World Suicide Prevention Day wrap up eNews.

 2015 Media Release

“The Coalition is working to reduce suicide deaths by half over the decade. To do this, we need to invest more strategically. The plan being launched today provides the framework to improve the research environment.

Saving lives saves money but as I know in business to make money you need to spend it, you need to make the long term investments required to make the return and this investment needs to begin with research

This sector is living hand to mouth and from funding contract to funding contract. Our colleagues are doing everything they can to prevent Australians from taking their lives but the reality is that they do not have the (coordinated) resources to do what needs to be done.”

Read the Media Release – Living hand to mouth is not saving lives – National Coalition for Suicide Prevention calls for Government to kick start research fund

Download Volume 1: Transforming Suicide Prevention Research – A National Action Plan

Download Volume 2: Exploring the Research Continuum

This is the first year that World Suicide Prevention Day shares the same day as R U OK?Day. Read the press release (including VNR/ANR links) for more on their call for regular, meaningful conversations and public awareness campaign inspiring hope and gratitude called ‘Thanks For Asking’.

2014 Media Release

Wednesday 10 September 2014 - Media Release: National Coalition for Suicide Prevention launches response to WHO World Suicide Report

2013 Media/Press Releases

Tuesday 10 September 2013: National coalition of experts target suicide rates

Monday 9 September 2013: World Suicide Prevention Day Tuesday 10 Sept – Join in activities around Australia to help halve suicide

Friday 30 August 2013: Help halve suicide in Australia – Vote 1 Suicide Prevention


Supporting material for reporting on suicide

 MindFrame-NationalMediaInitiativeLogo For expert advice and information on reporting suicide and mental illness in Australia visit the Mindframe National Media Initiative website or contact the Mindframe project team on T: 02 4924 6904 E: