• How To Turn Depression Into Joy With Legacy of Champions.

    1st January 1970 10am - 5pm Stonecutters Ridge Neighbourhood Centre, Settlers Avenue, Colebee, NSW 2761

    Are you looking to turn your depression into joy and start living the life you deserve?

    Wait no longer. Legacy of Champions is here to serve.

    In this value jam-packed 1-day free event you will learn the following:

    As the name implies you will learn how to turn depression into joy.

    You will learn the tools and strategies to implement in your own life.

    You will learn how to master your emotions and increase your emotional flexibility to handle anything in life.

    You will discover greater clarity on knowing who you are and your life’s purpose.

    You will discover your unique gift or skill that only you can do.

    Learn to develop a powerful why.

    Most importantly walking away with more knowledge and realizing you are not alone on this journey.

    That Legacy Of Champions is here to serve and support you on your journey.

    What choice are you making right now at this very moment?

    This is your time right now to take massive, massive ACTION to start living the life you deserve!

    Who doesn’t want a better life?

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  • Together 4 Hope Community Walk – LIGHTING the HOPE inside

    12th October 2017 5:30 PM onward Gathering point at Auburn Public School (Crn. Beatrice St. & Harrow Rd.)

    Suicide Prevention Awareness – Together 4 Hope Community Walk is a united community declaring every life is important; walking together to reduce the impact of suicide.
    Together 4 Hope Community Walk is held during Mental Health week as a symbol of our desire to create a community that cares for everyone and affirms HOPE.

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  • Serenity sounds @ Spinnaker

    10th September 2017 9am-11am Gladstone marina parklands ( spinnaker park beach cove) Gladstone

    A free community event to start suicide prevention week, Bringing people together in mindfulness movements in motion
    Helping to reduce anxiety & stress while finding emotional balance with calming the mind through the ancient art of Qigong

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  • Bi+ Visibility Day Picnic

    23rd September 2017 12:00-14:00 Hyde Park, Perth (close to the stage -- look out for the blue, purple, and pink flags and balloons)

    First observed in 1999, Bi Visbility Day is an international call for the bisexual+ community, their friends, and supporters to recognise and celebrate our history, community, and culture. See for more information.

    Here in Perth, we’re having a Spring picnic to celebrate! We’ll have some nibbles available, but please BYO substantial eats and drinks (and anything you’d like to share). As always, there will be some silly games / activities available in case of emergency. ;)

    Supportive friends and family (they don’t necessarily need to be bi+) are encouraged to join us – the more the merrier. And it would be awesome if you could come dressed in purple / pink / blue (can you imagine the wonderful photos?), but there’s no pressure.

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  • Tasmania LGBTIQ Leadership Group

    10th September 2017 10am - 4:30pm Deloraine House, Deloraine

    LGBTIQ leadership group meeting is a continuation of training from 2016 & 2017 to help make more sustainable, empowered and effective advocates for change. Working towards social inclusion for suicide prevention in our communities.

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  • Jaie’s Journey Inc – Out of the Shadows walk and Mental Health Expo

    10th September 2017 5am - 7am / 9am - 1pm (Expo) Apex Park, The Esplanade, Scarness, Hervey Bay

    Jaies Journey Inc is holding its 2nd annual Mental Health Expo on Sunday – September 10th – World Wide Suicide Prevention Day.

    Day kicks off with the Lifeline – ‘Out of the Shadows’ walk, meeting at the Apex Park (across from Tooan Tooan Creek) on the Esplanade @ 5.30am.

    This walk takes about 20-30 minutes and we walk into the light of a new day.

    Expo starts at 9am so folks can set up their displays and to give everyone a breather after the Shadow walk.

    Details ~ VOLUNTEERS are needed.

    Please PM page if you believe you can attend to help.

    There will be a screening process for any interested people for volunteering

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  • WSPD Community Awareness Walk Melbourne

    10th September 2017 9am-11am Tom's Block, Botanical Gardens

    Join us for a Community Walk through the gardens and along St Kilda Road to Princes Bridge.

    Anyone who has been touched by suicide is welcome.

    It will be a gentle walk with some brief formalities
    and other activities which will give people the opportunity to remember their loved ones.

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  • Connect, Communicate, Care (Alice Springs)

    9th September 2017 9:30-11:30 Alice Springs, Town Council Lawns

    Mental Health Association of Central Australia, headspace Alice Springs, Mental Illness Fellowship Australia (NT), Mental Health Central Australia Health Service, Lifeline Central Australia and NPY Women’s Council with support from the Alice Springs Town Council, are holding a public event to raise awareness of the severity of the problem of suicide, one of the world’s largest public health problems.

    This occasion is an opportunity to come together as a community to remember all those who have died by suicide, those who struggle with this issue in their daily lives, and all those people who have been bereaved by suicide.

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  • Rise for Rob (Toowoomba)

    9th October 2017 9:00am Table Top Mountain Toowoomba

    Join us for a mountain climb in support of Suicide Prevention Australia.

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  • Dads on the Air community radio program (Alexandria)

    14th September 2017 11am - permanently available on website 44-54 Botany Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015

    Dads on the Air radio interview with Pete Nicholls CEO of Parents Beyond Breakup

    Parents Beyond Breakup is a national suicide prevention charity working in communities across Australia focusing on separating families. Each year they save hundreds of lives of distraught parents wrestling with the aftermath of divorce and separation. They help parents cope with being separated from their children and to find the optimal path of reconnecting with them.

    Parents Beyond Breakup CEO Pete Nicholls joins us in the studio to talk about this exciting organisation and their impressive success rate.

    To listen in go to our website or podcast through iTunes.

    Also available on the Community Radio Network Thursday mornings and Tuesday evenings.

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  • Walk Out of the Shadows (Lithgow)

    10th September 2017 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Lithgow

    Meeting at the Civic Ballroom next to the showground, walking around the oval of the showground.

    Lithgow City Council invites you to join us as we walk Out of the Shadows, supporting Lifeline to help shine a light on the reality of suicide. The aim is to raise awareness, remember those lost to suicide and unite in a commitment to prevent further deaths.

    Stephen Lesslie
    Tel: 02 6354 9999
    Fax: 02 6351 4259

    Viktoria Gulabovski
    Community Development Officer
    Tel: 02 6354 9999
    Fax: 02 6351 4259

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  • The Out of the Shadows Walk Kings Park (Perth)

    9th September 2017 5am - 7am Kings Park

    In association with World Suicide Prevention Day, this event unites people from different backgrounds and communities who have been impacted by the death of a loved one through suicide. The Out of the Shadows Walk is a free event giving people who have been touched by suicide a chance to remember their loved ones and walk with others, who like them, have been affected.

    Meet at the Wadjuk carpark, Kings Park from 5am. The walk culminates in a short ceremony remembering those who have been lost to suicide. Participants will then collectively walk through the gardens of Kings Park and emerge out of the trees at the War Memorial as the sun rises over Perth city.

    Meet at Wadjuk carpark (behind Fraser’s Kings Park) for bus transport to Roe Garden.

    Coffee and muffins served at Botanical Cafe following the event!

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  • Take a Minute in The Kununurra Community Garden

    10th September 2017 8.00am Kununurra Community Garden, 2429 Coolibah Drive, Kununurra

    We invite families to come along to the Community Garden Sunday morning, 8am-10am to help get involved in our regular gardening activities, let the kids explore in the dirt, finding worms, planting seed pods, go on little hunts and just be together. We invite you to Take a Minute with us to sit and have a cup of tea and chat. We love this community and we are here to share the garden, share the benefits and share the peace, grounding and healing it can bring.
    Let’s all pause and Take a Minute :)

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  • World Suicide Prevention Day Awareness Walk (Mount Isa)

    11th September 2017 5:30pm untill 8:00pm Mount Isa

    Meeting at the Frank Aston Museum Car Park and walking down Rodeo Dr to the Mount Isa Civic Centre where there will be guest speakers, a community BBQ and gift bags.

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    10th September 2017 8:00am Lesmurdie Hills

    In recognition to Suicide Prevention. I would like to invite you to come along to an Event I am holding to acknowledge the lives lost to suicide and to help create awareness of suicide in our country and communities.

    The event will start at 8:am with a small ceremony where I share some small stories and reasoning of why this is so important.
    I will acknowledge country that we conduct this event on and a little bit about myself and why suicide prevention is most important in our community.

    We ask if you could wear, bring or provide anything in ORANGE AND YELLOW colours which represents Suicide Prevention.

    Depending on numbers, we will also provide balloons to be let of in significance to whose lives we lost to suicide.

    This will only be short. If you are interested. We will be doing a small hike down the fall after, so please feel free to join.

    If you are interested. Please RSVP so I can arrange a balloon for you if need.

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  • Take a Minute in The Kununurra Community Garden

    10th September 2017 8.00am Kununurra Community Garden, 2429 Coolibah Drive, Kununurra

    We invite families to come along to the Community Garden Sunday morning, 8am-10am to help get involved in our regular gardening activities, let the kids explore in the dirt, finding worms, planting seed pods, go on little hunts and just be together. We invite you to Take a Minute with us to sit and have a cup of tea and chat. We love this community and we are here to share the garden, share the benefits and share the peace, grounding and healing it can bring.
    Let’s all pause and Take a Minute :)

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  • Suicide Prevention and Remembrance Service (Macquarie Park)

    10th September 2017 10-11am Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium Sydney

    Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium is hosting a community Suicide Prevention and Remembrance Service at 10am on Sunday, September 10. Marking World Suicide Prevention Day, the event will unite people whose lives have been affected by suicide. Guest speakers will include renowned suicide prevention advocate Dianne Gaddin OAM. Refreshments will be served after the service and all are welcome. RSVP to

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  • Access Bars® Free Clinic ~ A different possibility, a spark of hope! (Kew East)

    10th September 2017 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Kew East (private residence details will be advised on registration)

    If you’re struggling and don’t know where else to turn, or know someone who is struggling, let us show you a different possibility in a judgement free zone.

    Access Bars Practitioners, Facilitators and Access Consciousness Certified Facilitators will be on hand to run Access Bars® free of charge and provide you with resources to take away.

    Here is some further information on Access Bars:

    What are “The Bars”?
    The Bars are a series of 32 points on the head, which when lightly touched release old energies stuck in the brain and the body, allowing for tremendous change and ease.

    What does a Bars session do?
    The Bars takes all the considerations, thoughts, feelings, emotions, decisions, judgements, and beliefs from any lifetime, that are electrically stored in the brain and releases them. This release occurs when the bars are touched; it allows that stored junk to be released.

    What can you expect after receiving the Bars?
    Every Bars session is different. The worst that can happen after a Bars session is you feel as relaxed as if you had received a great massage. The best that can happen is your whole life can change.

    Among the most commonly reported effects are: an increased sense of peace and ease, being less reactive to situations which might have upset you in the past, more restful and deep sleep, feeling that whatever was upsetting before the session doesn’t matter any more.

    You can book in your preferred time here
    Access Bars Clinic sessions are 1 hour long

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  • Babana Aboriginal Suicide Prevention Awareness Day (Sydney)

    19th September 2017 10am - 1pm Kerry Packer Education Centre, 12a Missenden Rd, Sydney

    The annual Babana Aboriginal Suicide Prevention Awareness Day is on and its all about you. Have your say on how we can bring these rates down among our Indigenous family, friends and community – its free to come, all are welcome!

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  • DRISPN Annual Walk for Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness (Darwin)

    10th September 2017 9:45 - Noon Alawa Ovals

    Walk from the Alawa Ovals to the Jingili Water Gardens. You are encouraged to wear red, white and black coloured clothing. After the walk, here will be moments of reflection with an open mic, brunch, music and yarning time.

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  • Chat, cuppa and cake (Beerwah)

    13th September 2017 10.00am - 1.00pm Outside Beerwah Woolworths

    Come along and share a chat, cuppa and cupcake with members of Glasshouse LINC – Love, Inclusion, Nurture, Care group. Locals who care about suicide prevention in Glasshouse Country and are there to have a chat and connect people with those who can help.

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  • Out of the Shadows Memorial Walk (Queanbeyan)

    10th September 2017 7am - 8am Queen Elizabeth Park - Queanbeyan

    ‘Take a Minute, Change a Life’ is the theme of the 2017 World Suicide Prevention Day. Come and join SPAN-Qbn for our memorial walk to remember those we have lost by suicide, and to share a message of hope to our local community.

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  • Melbourne Inspiration Day (Doncaster)

    10th September 2017 2.00pm-5.30pm Shopping town Hotel Williamsons Rd Doncaster

    The event celebrates the resilience of the human spirit.
    Four powerful speakers share their incredible stories of
    Overcoming adversity, inspiring and providing hope.
    The stories enriched by songs specifically chosen by
    The Melbourne Inspiration Day live band.
    This is an event that brings authentic expression through the power of story, live music and dance.

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  • Suicide: Finding Hope! Understanding Suicide and Helpful Responses (Cheltenham)

    7th September 2017 7.30pm-9.30pm Southern Community Church of Christ Auditorium 8 Chesterville Road, Cheltenham. 3192

    Community Forum
    Suicide prevention is everybody’s business. What can we do as individuals, workers or community groups to help people in our local community cope better with the emotional pain of life, so that suicide is not the only way out? Reducing the fear and stigma around suicide, and opening up the conversation, can contribute to safer communities. The goals of this community forum include:
     To increase local community awareness of the causes of suicide and offer strategies for supporting those affected.
     To discuss local community approaches to reducing the risk of suicide.

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  • Wesley LifeForce Memorial Service Sydney Opera House (Sydney)

    14th September 2017 12.00pm Sydney Opera House Northern Boardwalk

    Losing a loved one to suicide is a sorrow unlike any other, but you are not alone.

    Wesley LifeForce memorial services are held for those bereaved by suicide to enable them to come together in a spirit of comfort and hope.

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  • WSPD – Take a Minute, Change a Life (Broadbeach Waters)

    12th September 2017 9.30am-2.30pm Albert Waterways Hall, Cnr Sunshine & Hooker Blvds, Braodbeach Waters.

    Care for Life Suicide Prevention Network, in conjunction with local organisations, is offering a FREE Community Information Seminar to be held at the Albert Waterways Community Centre, on Tuesday, 12 September, from 9.30am-2.30pm.

    The FREE Information Forum is for all community members and is aimed at increasing understanding of suicide, perhaps recognising signs and increasing awareness of services available in our community.

    Statistics show death by suicide is higher than death by motor vehicle accident. The impact on families and the community is enormous, yet this is a topic rarely discussed.

    Education is the key to decreasing the numbers of suicides and together we can make a difference.

    Our MC on the day is Mark McConville, a well-known comedian but also advocate for Mental Health services.

    We also have the Commissioner for Mental Health, Ivan Frkovic, opening the forum and as guest speaker.

    Light lunch will be provided.

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  • Out of the Shadows into the Light walk (Townsville)

    10th September 2017 5:30am - 8:30am Townsville -Strand

    Meet at 5:30am at the Rockpool, carpark at the Fish Inn, for welcome, followed by a dawn walk ending at the Jetty. There is some time of sharing then rose petal tossing ceremony from the jetty while we take a moment to remember those who have lost their lives by suicide. Muffins provided with Archers coffee van available for the purchase of coffee.

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  • Suicide Prevention Awareness Walk (Rose Bay)

    10th September 2017 1130am - 130pm Lyne Park, Rose Bay

    Wear a white top and come along to the Suicide Prevention Walk and the launch of Jewish Suicide Prevention Strategy to raise awareness of suicide and encourage prevention efforts in our area.
    Come and join us for the walk, followed by a BBQ and live music. Julian Leeser, MP Member for Berowra and advocate for suicide prevention will be this year’s guest speaker.
    Free event with a gold coin donation for the BBQ.

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  • Free Access Bars Clinic (Fremantle)

    11th September 2017 9 AM - 5 PM Fremantle Area

    In honor of World Suicide Prevention Week, 10 – 16 September, facilitators and practitioners of Access Bars will be hosting events around the world and offering free sessions to anyone looking for a different possibility & hope.

    I will be offering a Free Access Bars Clinic on Monday 11 Sept 2017 in the Fremantle Area, WA .

    To register for Perth Sessions on 11 Spet 2017 with Carol Daynes, follow link below:

    Upon registration, the facilitator will reach out to you to schedule a specific time. The sessions will run for approximately 1 hour, free of charge. The only requirement of you is to choose it and register for a session.

    For other areas and days around the world, including other options in Perth, WA, go to:

    For more information on Access Bars, go to

    Seventeen years ago, Dr Dain Heer, co-creator of Access Consciousness®, felt so depressed and hopeless that he had set a date for his suicide. “I gave the universe six months or I was going to kill myself”, Dain explains. “I had two chiropractic practices, a bit of money, a wonderful girlfriend – I had everything I thought would constitute a perfect life. But, inside, I was dying.”

    However, after one single session of The Bars®, a gentle therapy that changes brain waves to a relaxed theta state, Dain changed his entire perspective on life and realized that everything was ok. “One tool, one thing, a process that took about an hour… and it changed the energy of what I knew was possible”, Dain remarks.

    Seventeen years after it saved his life, Dain hopes these free sessions will ignite optimism, happiness and greatness in those who have fallen into despair. “It changed my whole life. This is the experience I would like to share with you all!”, he says.

    If you would like any further information about this event or about Access Bars, please contact Carol Daynes – email – Carol.daynes@gmail,com

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  • Out of the shadows walk (Mackay)

    17th September 2017 10.00am - 120.00pm Bluewater Quay, Mackay

    An informal morning, with some speakers and then a walk onto the Forgan Bridge to tie yellow ribbons in memory of our loved ones

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  • Take a moment, Save a Life (Byron Bay)

    10th September 2017 3pm-5.30pm Youth Activity Centre, 1 Gilmore Crescent, Byron Bay

    Community Forum event to discuss and share how best to support and protect our young people by raising awareness, developing strategies and building safety nets with guest speakers including Peter Chown, psychologist, Frank Coughlan, Kids In Mind, Jillian Zaid and Megan Pollard , Stand by response service, Social Futures and representative from North Coast Area Health Service.
    Byron Youth Theatre will also present a video of their Forum Theatre production which tackled bullying and it’s connection to youth sucide.

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  • Out of the Shadows Walk (Cairns)

    10th September 2017 4.30 - 6.30pm Cairns Esplanade Cairns City

    4.30pm – Meet for the walk on the Esplanade at the rock climbing wall, across the road from Cairns Base Hospital.

    5.00pm – Ceremony, live music and sausage sizzle on the Esplanade Western Lawn (near the Lagoon)..

    All Welcome

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  • Recovery Walk Sydney Australia, Customs House (Sydney)

    16th September 2017 11am-4pm Start Customs House Alfred Street Sydney, finish at The Domain Sydney

    4th Annual
    Sydney Australia

    11am Customs House, Alfred St, Circular Quay
    Walk to NSW Parliament House, Macquarie St
    12-4pm Lunch & Celebrations at The Domain.

    Inspired by the global recovery movement & Recovery Walks taking place in September for #RecoveryMonth (US, UK, Canada & Africa). Highlighting #recovery from Addiction/Substance Use/Mental Health, a lived reality from all walks of life, in Australia & around the world. We can and do Recover!

    We encourage people in recovery from substance use/addiction, friends, family, professional/recovery support services, to join us in raising awareness, ending stigma, & celebrating the role that recovery plays in improving the lives of individuals, families, & communities. Whether it be Rehab, 12 Step, SMART, Faith-based, CBT, MAT, Harm Minimisation, Yoga, Music & Art Therapy, professionals and volunteers etc… Come along & let others know that recovery is possible.

    Feel free to walk under your group or organisation banner, wear purple, get creative!

    “There are many pathways to recovery and all are cause for celebration.”

    An all ages free event. All are welcome, pets included.

    Sponsored by The Bill Crews Charitable Trust

    0404343779 ~ 0487905731

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  • Out of the shadows into the light walk (Cairns)

    10th September 2017 4-6pm Walk starts opposite cairns base hospital to western lawn esplande

    4pm Meeting point : esplande (opposite cairns hospital)
    4.30pm commence walk to western lawn of lagoon
    5pm arrive at the stage area
    Welcome to county
    Open reflection
    Guest speaker
    Closing statement/ 6 pm event close

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  • Out of the Shadows into the Light Walk (Umina)

    10th September 2017 9am - 11am Umina BeacH 40 Berith St Umina NSW 2256

    Coast Community Connections would like to invite you to join us as we walk Out of the Shadows and into the Light at this year’s World Suicide Prevention Day. On Sunday September 10, we will be supporting Lifeline to help shine the light on the reality of suicide. We will raise awareness, remember those lost to suicide and unite in a commitment to prevent further deaths.
    Gathering at Umina Beach under the surf club balcony at 9am, we will begin with a welcome followed by a walk to the shore sending off our local surf boat crews as they follow us parallel down to kiddies corner. A waterside reflection will then be held followed by a free morning tea back at the surf club.

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  • Mornington Peninsula World Suicide Prevention Day

    10th September 2017 10:00am -12:00pm Mornington Park, Schnapper Point Drive, Mornington (Bottom of main street)

    As part of our commitment to positive mental health and Suicide Prevention, in collaboration with Chasing Change, we are holding a commemorative walk and ceremony on Sunday 10 September to acknowledge World Suicide Prevention Day.

    Join us as we come together, share information, support each other and raise important mental health awareness.

    For more information please contact Mornington Peninsula Youth services on (03) 5950 1666, 1300 850 600

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  • You Rock ! Challenge (Facebook)

    1st September 2017 12.00am- 12 pm Facebook

    You Rock ! Challenge
    Commencing September 1. (30 day challenge)
    Option 1: 30 Pushups per day for 30 days invite/challenge 3 friends
    Option 2: Take a photo of yourself holding a flyer. Post your photo and invite/challenge 3 friends.

    Join us to raise awareness for mental health suicide prevention.
    over 800,000 people die by suicide each year – that’s one person every 40 seconds. In Australia more than 2500 people die each year with latest figures (2015) telling us that 3,027 Australians took their own life. Recent research tells us that hundreds of Australians are impacted by each suicide death. Research also tells us that some 65,000 people attempt suicide each year and hundreds of thousands of people think of suicide. Take a minute to think about the pain and suffering suicide being felt by every single person impacted by suicide.

    ‘Take a Minute, Change a Life’
    Join us and show how you rock ! raising awareness.

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  • How to help someone who is suicidal – Mental Health First Aid for the Suicidal Person (Shoalhaven Heads)

    10th September 2017 1.00pm- 5.00pm Shoalhaven Heads

    Would you know how to help someone who may be having suicidal thoughts? Mental Health First Aid for the Suicidal Person is a course based on expert consensus guidelines developed with both professional and consumer experts from English speaking developed countries. Learning outcomes of the course include:
    ***Understanding accurate information about suicide rates and risk factors in the Australian context.
    ***Reviewing the first aid guidelines of how to intervene when someone is experiencing suicidal thoughts and behaviours
    ***Practicing these skills in a safe environment.
    Please note that the MHFA for the Suicidal Person Course is not a postvention course and is not recommended for individuals recently bereaved by suicide. The MHFA for the Suicidal Person Course is not a therapy or a support group and it is important that people undertaking the course are feeling relatively robust when they undertake it.

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  • Hope Walk (Macarthur)

    16th September 2017 9am to 12.30pm Elderslie Public School

    Hope Walk started in New Zealand and is a Suicide awareness and prevention day, our approach is a simple one aimed at raising awareness and providing friendship and resources to people struggling with depression and suicidal feelings. We do not raise money but provide a completely free of charge day to this end. A family day including a bouncing castle and free sausage sizzle, water bottles, coffee etc. is provided.

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  • Colours of KYDS Lunch – Building bright futures (Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney)

    15th September 2017 12.30pm - 3.00pm Royal Botanic Gardens Restaurant, Sydney

    Fundraising and awareness building luncheon, hosted by KYDS Youth Development Service. KYDS is a non profit organisation providing easily accessed counselling and mental health support services for teenagers in Northern Sydney. Over a wonderful meal in beautiful surroundings, lunch attendees will hear from a number of young people and families helped by KYDS over the years, and from Jessica Rowe, AM and Allan Sparkes, CV, OAM, VA about their own experiences of living with mental health issues. Ticketed event, $130 per person.

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  • RUOK day (Whyalla Cafes)

    14th September 2017 All Day Through out Whyalla

    Whyalla Suicide Prevention Network Inc supply RUOK take away coffee cups for use at the local cafes.
    We involve the staff rooms of businesses and schools throughout Whyalla to participate and spead the message as well.

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  • Whyalla S P & Whyalla Harriers Walk/Run out for World Suicide Prevention Day (Whyalla)

    10th September 2017 9am - 12pm Civic Park Nicolson Ave Whyalla

    Join us in a walk or run to raise awareness for Suicide Prevention.
    Walk or run in memory of some one or simply come and walk to help raise the awareness.
    2 courses available 2 klm and 5 klm choose the one you want to do.
    Helium Ballons in the color of WSPDay will be released

    BBQ brunch and Coffee available all morning.

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  • Mental Health First Aid for the Suicidal Person Course (Surry Hills)

    10th September 2017 13.00 to 17.30pm ACON 414 Elizabeth Street SURRY HILLS NSW (near central station Sydney)

    Mental Health First Aid for the Suicidal Person is a 4.5 hour course which teaches you how to respond to a person who has suicidal thoughts or behaviour. It is a stand-alone course which complements the standard mental health first aid course. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. One course will be run on Sunday 10th of September book here:

    The other course on Tuesday 19th of September book here:

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  • Walawaani Ngindiwan – Billy’s Gift Suicide Prevention Community Event (Moruya Park)

    8th September 2017 5 until 7 pm Moruya park near the bridge

    A family evening and everyone welcome.

    A BBQ sausage sizzle, glow sticks for the kids and fireworks.

    Guest speaker Joe Williams from the Enemy Within

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  • Out Of The Shadows And Into The Light Walk (Koo Wee Rup)

    10th September 2017 09:00 till 11:30 CFA Station, Moody Street, KOO WEE RUP

    Our walk is very informal and just a chance for everyone to get together and reflect on loved ones we have lost and at the same time creating awareness on the impact of suicide.

    From 09:00 we will have registrations and a chance for you to write a piece to be placed in our reflective album. It is also an opportunity to meet others who are in exactly the same circumstances and maybe together find comfort in talking about your loved ones. During this time we will also have egg and bacon rolls and fresh coffee.

    At 10:00 we will have a couple of speakers who will share some thoughts and a small verse. You will have a chance to come and leave your piece for the reflective album.

    At 10:30 we will walk as one group down the Main Street of Koo Wee Rup to Cochrane Park (Rossiter Rd). The walk will be around 1km and we are more than happy to have you meet us at Cochrane Park if you can’t make the distance.

    You will be able to once again chat to others…

    We hope to see you there x

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  • Tree Of Dreams (Wyong)

    7th September 2017 18th August to 10th September Wyong, Central Coast NSW

    The Tree of Dreams™ is helping to spread a message of hope and support for family, friends and colleagues impacted by suicide and loss.
    Hand-written tags adorning the Tree of Dreams™ are a memorable way for the community to acknowledge and pay tribute to those they have lost.
    For some, it is an opportunity to contribute a note of love, a message of strength, a dream and hope of a brighter day.
    All funds raised will go to the Iris Foundation towards programs which work towards preventing suicide on the Central Coast of NSW.

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  • Walawaani Ngindiwan Dinner (Tomakin)

    9th September 2017 6 pm until 11pm Tomakin Sports Club

    Dinner with Joe Williams from the Enemy Within, Dane Simpson Aboriginal Comedian and Ron Callaghan local singer songwriter

    Tickets are $50 per head for dinner and entertainment and some concession tickets available at $25 per head

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  • World Suicide Prevention Day (Kempsey)

    10th September 2017 10am-1pm Kempsey Riverside Park- Kempsey

    We will have some amazing guest speakers including Adam Williams, recently awarded Best Professional Photographer in NSW as well as others.Adam has also generously donated a framed photo to raffle off on the day depicting some of his feelings.
    We will host a BBQ lunch after we’ve completed a walk of rememberance for all those we have lost to suicide. It will also be for those who have attempted and simply those who wish to provide support to others.
    We also have a range of local organisations that run mental health programs there to encourage attendees to find services that meet their needs and also someone to speak to.
    Confirmed organisations attending so far include Lifeline, Ability Links, ETC and Standby, with the possibility of others.
    This year we will also be providing LED candles so those participating can light a candle for their loved ones they have lost.
    Anyone welcome.

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  • Come Walk With Me NT (Palmerston)

    10th September 2017 5pm Memorial Park, Palmerston

    Come Walk With Me NT is a walk in Palmerston, Northern Territory, Australia for Suicide Prevention Awareness on 10th September each year.

    In doing our walk we remember our loved ones lost to suicide and in doing so,validate them and aim to break down the barriers, change attitudes and build awareness.

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  • Ride Against Suicide – Mannum / Nuriootpa / Two Wells / Adelaide

    10th September 2017 8.30am /3.00pm Mannum/Nuriootpa/Two Wells/Adelaide

    Join us for the 2nd annual Ride Against Suicide, a motorcycle ride that raises awareness for suicide and the ripple effect it has on friends, families, colleagues, and the broader community.

    The Ride starts in Mannum on the River Murray then travelling to Nuriootpa in the Barrossa. Next stop is Two Wells on the Adelaide Plains before heading to Adelaide for a parade at the Royal Adelaide Show. Total distance is 190km, riders will be stopping at the RSL’s where they will be met by volunteers and supporters.

    The funds raised will go directly to organisations Silent Riiples, Skylight, RUOK?, SA Suicide Prevention Networks working to prevent suicide and build awareness around mental illness.

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  • North Shore Temple Emanuel Chatswood – “A minute to Think”

    2nd August 2017 10.15 am - 12pm North Shore Temple Emanuel Chatswood

    A Jewish Sabbath Morning service which will include Adam Schwartz who is a young, candid and in demand Australian speaker, author, and advocate. Residing in Sydney, Australia – He travels nationally and globally to share his message of hope and empowerment. Adam will be talking about his battle with depression and will be participating in a Q and A following the service.

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  • North Shore Temple Emanuel Chatswood – “A minute to Think”

    1st September 2017 6.30pm to 8pm North Shore Temple Emanuel

    Jewish Shabbat evening Service which will include 2 speakers/survivors of suicide talking about their journeys

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  • World Suicide Prevention Day (Caboolture)

    7th September 2017 9;00 12:00

    Each year, World Suicide Prevention Day is observed on 10th September. To mark this important event, Moreton North Suicide Prevention Network together with Roses in the Ocean and Walk Out of the Shadows are hosting a community event at Centenary Lakes, Caboolture on 7th September 2017 at 9:00 am
    Our event will focus on reinforcing the benefits and need for safe and open public discussion about suicide prevention, will raise awareness of support services within our community and encourage people within our community to listen, care and seek help.
    Collaboration between government, community, health sector organisations and business is imperative to truly create the changes needed to reduce the rate of suicide in Queensland.

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  • Sixty Seconds Challenge (Anywhere!)

    10th September 2017 N/A Anywhere!

    As a central focus of the inaugural Challenge4Change campaign, we have launched the ‘sixty second challenge’ – focusing on suicide prevention as its central focus. It’s a well documented fact that regular exercise reduces stress and improves mood. With this in mind, we’re inviting sporting and media personalities as well as the general public to commit to a sixty second exercise (eg:push-ups, skipping and burpees!) to raise awareness and support for suicide prevention. Participants are also encouraged to challenge others and to post their Challenge on social media, thereby boosting the overall impact of our collective message!
    Supporters can get behind this inclusive platform whatever their geographic location or preferred Mental Health Cause. The campaign will run for the month through to World Mental Health Awareness Day on 10th October.

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  • Roses in the Ocean WSPD Corporate Breakfast (Townsville)

    29th August 2017 7.30am The Ville Resort - Casino Sir Leslie Thiess Dr, Townsville City, Queensland 4810

    Join Roses in the Ocean on August 29th at their Corporate Breakfast launching World Suicide Prevention Day activities in Townsville.

    Enjoy listening to Guest Speakers and learn how you can play a role in suicide prevention in your workplace and personal life, while you enjoy a great breakfast at The Ville Resort.

    Individuals and Tables of 10 available.

    FREE Registration
    Optional $20 Donation at entry.
    On Tuesday 29 August 2017 at 7:30am

    The Ville Resort – Casino
    Sir Leslie Thiess Dr, Townsville City, Queensland 4810

    Mark Davis
    0412 029 480

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  • Out of the Shadows Walk 2017 (Hobart)

    8th September 2017 Meet from 5:30am for a 6am start Buses from Parliament Lawns in Hobart. Walk starts at the Hobart Memorial Cenotaph.

    Suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians aged between 15 and 44. Help change the conversation and bring suicide out of the darkness of stigma, denial and shame.

    If you have been touched by suicide or want to help raise awareness, join us by walking out of the shadows and into the light.

    The walk departs the Hobart Cenotaph Memorial at 6am sharp and ends on the Parliament Lawns.

    #lifelinetasmania #outoftheshadows #wspd

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  • Roses in the Ocean WSPD Breakfast (North Burnett)

    30th August 2017 7.30am To be confirmed

    Join Roses in the Ocean on August 30th at our Corporate Breakfast launching World Suicide Prevention Day activities in the North Burnett region.
    Enjoy listening to Guest Speakers and learn how you can play a role in suicide prevention in your workplace and personal life, while you enjoy a great breakfast.

    Individuals and Tables of 10 available.

    FREE Registration
    Optional $20 Donation at entry.
    On Wednesday 30 August 2017 at 7:30am

    to be confirmed

    Mark Davis
    0412 029 480

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  • Roses in the Ocean WSPD Corporate Breakfast (Melbourne)

    5th September 2017 7.00am To be confirmed, Melbourne City , Victoria 3000

    Join us on September (date to be advised) at our Corporate Breakfast launching World Suicide Prevention Day activities in Melbourne.
    Enjoy listening to our Guest Speakers and learn how you can play a role in suicide prevention in your workplace and personal life, while you enjoy a great breakfast.

    Individuals and Tables of 10 available.

    FREE Registration
    Optional $20 Donation at entry.
    On Tuesday 5 September 2017 at 7:00am
    To be confirmed
    To be confirmed, Melbourne City , Victoria 3000

    Layne Stretton
    0407 944 408

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  • Leg it for Lifeline (Safety Bay)

    10th September 2017 7.30a.m-11.30a.m Bent Street Boat Ramp Cnr Bent Street &Safety Bay Road, Safety Bay

    We will once again be hosting our annual walk/run in memory of those lost to depression/suicide and to show support to those left behind, or who may walking that path now.

    This years event will again be held in conjunction with Out of the Shadows and Into the Light and World Suicide Prevention Day
    There will be a 7km run and 4km run/walk.
    Registrations will be via the Out of the Shadows webpage, or on our Facebook page Leg it for Lifeline
    Free fruit, water. Gold coin donation for sausage sizzle.
    The event is free, but a voluntary donation on the day is welcomed.
    Commemorative piece of artwork on the day. This then goes to Lifeline and will be displayed in their offices.
    Start and finish will be at Bent Street Boatramp. 7km run starts at 8.00am, walkers to follow 10 minutes after.

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  • World Suicide Prevention Evening Talk 2017 (Chelsea Heights)

    4th September 2017 7PM to 830PM The Chelsea Heights Hotel

    World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) is held every year on 10 September. For this week, numerous events, conferences, campaigns and local activities call to public attention one of the world’s largest causes of premature and unnecessary death – suicide.

    It is often asked, how can we best connect with each other in a world that appears so disconnected? We strongly believe that if our communities work together, through sharing information, expertise and time, we can do a great deal to help those in need, and vulnerable to suicide.

    We believe that through a combined effort at an international and local level, a difference to the lives of many will be made. The aim of this evening is increased awareness about the problem of suicide in a casual and friendly environment. Grab a drink, a light pub meal and bring the entire family down to listen to some inspiring individuals who have surpassed their lived experiences and help answer any questions or concerns.

    This is a free event that promises to ignite passion and meaningful discussions from our Guest Speakers.

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  • Out of the Shadows and Into the Light suicide awareness and prevention walk (Burnie)

    15th September 2017 5.30pm to 8pm Burnie Park ( near the centotaph)

    This is the 5th year we have hosted this event, unfortunately our family lost our father to suicide and decide to help with the healing process we wanted to bring suicide out in the open and show that there is support available for those that need it.
    Previous years we have planted a tree and have had a memorial park bench and plaque installed in our local park. This year we are making a Semicolon garden bed where families from the community will be able to place a plaque on brick in memory of their loved ones.
    The night will start at 5.30 with a free sausage sizzle followed by a guest speaker, speaking about their suicide attempt and what help is available for those in need. The deputy premier Jeremy Rockliff will be reading a reflection poem, followed by the walk to the beachfront and returning to the park.
    After returning from the walk the mayor of Burnie City Council will then unveil the Semicolon garden bed.
    This event is the coming together of families and friends who have lost a loved one to suicide or are struggling with their own mental health issues and need to talk to someone. Councellors and information will be available for those that need it.

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  • Roses in the Ocean WSPD Corporate Breakfast (Brisbane)

    23rd August 2017 7.30am The Customs House 399 Queen St, Brisbane City , Queensland 4000

    Join Roses in the Ocean on August 23rd at their Corporate Breakfast launching World Suicide Prevention Day activities in Brisbane.
    Enjoy listening to Guest Speakers and learn how you can play a role in suicide prevention in your workplace and personal life, while you enjoy a great breakfast in the stunning Customs House.

    Individuals and Tables of 10 available.

    FREE Registration
    Optional $20 Donation at entry.
    On Wednesday 23 August 2017 at 7:30am

    The Customs House
    399 Queen St, Brisbane City , Queensland 4000

    Mark Davis
    0412 029 480

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  • Roses in the Ocean WSPD Breakfast (Sunshine Coast)

    22nd August 2017 7.30am Alexandra Headlands Surf Club, 167 Alexandra Parade, Alexandra Headland, QLD 4572

    Join Roses in the Ocean on August 22nd at the Alexandra Headlands Surf Club for their Corporate Breakfast launching World Suicide Prevention Day activities on the Sunshine Coast.
    Enjoy listening to Guest Speakers and learn how you can play a role in suicide prevention in your workplace and personal life, while you enjoy a great breakfast in this stunning location.

    Individuals and Tables of 10 available.

    FREE Registration
    Optional $20 Donation at entry.
    On Tuesday 22 August 2017 at 7:30am

    Mark Davis
    0412 029 480

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  • Keeping Ok Community forum (Balmain)

    14th September 2017 5pm-8pm Balmain Town Hall, Balmain

    Aims to encourage conversation and awareness in our community and:

    • Reduce stigma around suicide
    • Raise awareness of prevention possibilities
    • Give hope.

    Speakers Rob Ramjan (CEO One Door Mental Health) Susan Murray (CEO Suicide Prevention Australia)
    with a facilitated discussion to develop strategies to create awareness.
    Supported by Inner West Council and Onedoor Mental Health

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  • Diamonds in the Sky Suicide Intervention Carnival (Innisfail)

    9th September 2017 All Day Innisfail State College & Innisfail PCYC

    The Diamonds in the Sky Suicide Intervention Basketball & Touch Football Carnival is a community event which we aim to provide education, awareness and intervention strategies to address suicide in the local and surrounding regions. We aim to reach out to all ages through participation in sport, music and dance; to encourage, support and promote life.

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    10th September 2017 Start 6am - Finish 9am Approximately Branxton NSW


    Join us in a memorial walk remembering those lost to suicide.

    Enjoy a BBQ breakfast after the walk.

    Memorial Wall
    Dove Release
    Plus much much more

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  • Johns Family Golf Day (Fingal)

    9th July 2017 10am for 10.30 start MALAHIDE Golf Club Fingal Tas 7214

    The Johns Family hold this Golf Day annualy.Our day is to raise AWARNESS to SUICIDE +Raise Funds for SUICIDE PREVENTION AUSTRALIA,we are privileged to work with SPA .The day brings the Community together from around the State & I am finding more participants are talking about Suicide every year,be it Family Member.Mate or Friend.Please come & enjoy a Round of Golf on our magnificent Golf Course .Lunch & Afternoon tea is provided ,Raffle & some great prizes.

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  • Macedon Ranges Suicide Prevention Walk

    10th September 2017 8.30am - 10.30am Woodend Children's Park, 13 Nicholson St, Woodend

    Macedon Ranges Suicide Prevention Action Group (MRSPAG) is holding a walk to remember those lost to suicide and to acknowledge and support those who have attempted suicide or have suicidal thoughts. Walk will commence from Woodend Children’s Park at 8.30am on Sunday 10th September and then proceed through High Street shopping centre and along the path adjoining the creek. Breakfast will be provided at the conclusion of the walk.

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  • HopeWalk (Melbourne)

    10th September 2017 10:00am to 1:00pm Lakeside Lake, Lakeside Park, Pakenham 3810

    The 10th of September 2017 is World Suicide Prevention Day and in memory of Aaron Davis we are running a HopeWalk to promote suicide prevention.
    We invite you all to join us in our small walk around Lakeside Lake in Pakenham. There will be a sausage sizzle, and more, and lots of friends to share hope and fun on the day.
    The theme will be yellow and black!
    Bring photos of your loved ones who have passed, to hold and share on our walk. We will be there from 10:00 am, and the walk around the (1.5km) lake will commence at 11:00 am.

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  • 80k walk Hobart to Orford to raise awareness for Suicide Prevention

    8th September 2017 9.30am on the 8th September from Hobart. 6pm on the 9th September in Orford Hobart to Orford

    2 best mates are getting together to raise awareness and money for Suicide Prevention Australia by walking 80 kilometers from Hobart to Orford over 2 days.
    So if you see us stop and give generously

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  • WSPD – Take a Minute, Change a Life (Broadbeach Waters)

    12th September 2017 9.30am-2.30pm Albert Waterways Hall, Cnr Sunshine & Hooker Blvds, Broadbeach Waters.

    Guest speakers – professional as well as those with lived experience. Free event. Walk in/walk out. Light lunch provided. Tea/coffee available all day

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  • World Suicide Prevention Day – Public Event (Brisbane CBD)

    8th September 2017 10am - 2pm Queen Street Mall, Brisbane CBD

    Roses in the Ocean will once again host a large scale World Suicide Prevention Day event in Brisbane. Join us in Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall for an informative awareness event, speak with local community organisations and service providers, listen to live music, get involved in different activities through the day!

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  • SFF – Spiritist Film Festival (Gold Coast)

    1st September 2017 From Friday to Sunday - Several Times Event Cinema & Community Centre | Southporth, Gold Coast - Australia

    The Event Cinemas Australia Fair (Gold Coast) is hosting the SFF – 1º Spiritist Film Festival of Australia.

    The SFF will bring to the public; the best of contemporary Spiritist Film Productions – a selection of films based on teachings that combine philosophy, science and morality. Aside from the Film Production, the Festival will also present to the public a Book Fair and Seminars with well renowned speakers from the Spiritist Community from around the world.

    The event’s theme is ‘The Gift of Life’ – an invitation for the reflection and practice of gratitude, including topics such as the importance of mental and spiritual awareness in the transformation process to achieve inner peace. Topics that plays an important role in the process of ‘Valuing Life’, and one of the main purpose of choosing this theme for the SFF to contribute to the World Suicide Prevention Day campaign in the Gold Coast, which is also taking place in September.

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  • Out of the Shadows and into the Light Walk and Suicide Awareness Festival (Dixon Park Beach)

    8th September 2017 5:45am - 8.30am Dixon Park Beach

    Lifeline Hunter Central Coast invites you to join us at our free annual events for World Suicide Prevention Day on Friday 8 September 2017 at Dixon Park Beach.

    5:45am – Walk from Dixon Park Surf Club to Merewether Baths (return)

    7am – 8.30am – Suicide Awareness Festival at Dixon Park

    Lifeline joins international activities to observe World Suicide Prevention Day in September each year, a time to provide an opportunity to discuss suicide prevention openly and respectfully. Suicide is sobering, serious and saddening to talk about but understanding when, how, why and who should talk about suicide is important. Being able to provide opportunities for people to explore this complex issue via training programs such as LivingWorks Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) and safeTALK allows for appropriate discussions and for people to learn how to keep someone with thoughts of suicide safe.

    As a community, we need to recognise that those vulnerable to the possibility of suicide do not have the emotional resources and support to cope with their challenges. Identifying and assisting them are important elements of suicide prevention. We need to be able to connect with those people with thoughts of suicide and those bereaved by suicide by providing support, appropriate resources, care and listening. By making suicide prevention everybody’s business, we can change attitudes and connect with those in need.

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  • Hope on the Harbour Sydney (Watsons Bay)

    10th September 2017 10.30am - 2.30pm Doyles on the Beach, Watsons Bay

    “A lesson for all of us is that for every loss, there is victory, for every sadness, there is joy, and when you think you’ve lost everything, there is hope.” – Geraldine Solon

    Hope on the Harbour is our memorial event remembering those loved ones lost to suicide.

    In partnership with Doyles on the Beach and VIP Water Taxis, we bring people together to support the bereaved and aim to give them hope.

    We set sail on the water, from the gorgeous backdrop of Doyles on the Beach at Watsons Bay, sharing our favourite memories of those people as we sail. Attendees release flowers into the water to remember their loved ones and we return to Doyles on the Beach to enjoy food and to continue the conversation.

    The event is extremely powerful and has created very special bonds between the people who have attended.

    REGISTER your interest to receive all 2017 event information as it becomes available. #TOTTN #HopeOnTheHarbour

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